Private French lessons

The private French lessons are aimed at anyone wishing to develop their personal and/or professional skills in French.

During a first appointment, you describe your needs and your objectives to the teacher and you decide with her or him of the time slots and the frequency of lessons.

Cours particuliers de français langue étrangère FLE - Private french lesson


1H PACKAGE    :    30 €
5H PACKAGE   :   135 €
10H PACKAGE : 250 €
20H PACKAGE : 490 €

Level : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

download the DESCRIPTION sheet for PRIVATE French LESSONS


Private French classes are suitable for you if you want to progress at your own pace with a teacher who listens to you and will provide you with a completely personalized and adaptable lesson.


  • Progress at your own pace on your specific needs.
  • Carry out oral or written comprehension and production activities.
  • Review the grammar and lexicon points you need.
  • Carry out simulations and activities close to your daily life to help you progress in French in relation to your social and professional environment.


The objectives and your training program (content, duration, timetables) are freely defined in consultation with our teachers.

Registration and payment procedure ​

You can register and make payment directly on our site: (by clicking on the SIGN-UP button on this page) or by scanning the QR code contained in the pdf file downloadable on this page.

Target audience

The private French lesson is aimed at people wishing to learn French with progressive and effective distance learning.

Disability situation​

Each situation is studied personally in order to implement the necessary measures. We give each future learner the opportunity to tell us about their specific needs(s) before registering for the training.


To take online courses with LGFLE, you must be at least 18 years old.
A computer and a stable Internet connection
Fluency in writing in at least one language is required
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